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Properly functioning appliance are key for Thanksgiving

Having your family over for Thanksgiving is a big to-do for almost anyone. For the big occasion, you want to make sure your kitchen appliances are in tip-top shape before the big day arrives.

Here are some checks you can perform on your appliances to make sure your Thanksgiving Day meal is a success.

Check the oven’s thermostat

Use a portable digital thermostat that is designed for high temperatures to see it the temperature on the portable thermostat matches the one on your oven. If they’re different, contact AAA Appliance Service Center and have a technician come over calibrate the thermostat.

Clean the stovetops

If you have a gas stovetop, make sure all the burners are igniting and there isn’t any food blocking the flames. It’s also a great idea to clean food and grease off the grates to prevent a fire.

Use a rinse aid in your dishwasher

Using a rinse aid – such as Jet Dry – is a great way to prevent spots from forming on your dishes. This step is especially important if you’re having guests over for lunch and dinner, and will be reusing dishes.

Make sure your microwave is functioning properly

Your microwave can be a lifesaver if you’re hosting multiple meals on turkey day. Do a test run to make sure it can heat dense items – such as mashed potatoes – quickly and evenly.

Don’t self-clean the oven the day before

Sometimes the locking mechanism can get stuck in the locked position. For that reason, it’s best to run the self-clean a few days so you have time to repair the oven.

Clean your dishwasher

To have your dishes looking their best before and after the big meal, use the cleaning cycle on your unit or use a vinegar solution to clean it.

If you live in the Chicago or Atlanta metro-area and are experiencing problems with any of your appliances, contact AAA Appliance Service Center at 888-966-8000. It’s smart to have your appliances repaired now so you know you can count on them come November.

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