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Appliance Repair Prices

Honest Pricing

Explanation of Charges: understanding appliance repair pricing

Our method of service is to quote before any work is completed.  The total repair will include the service charge, labor parts and tax for those parts.  We believe this is the honest, forthright way of doing business in all that costs are disclosed and this is how we operate.


This charge relates specifically to the time it takes to analyze and determine the source of the particular malfunction. Many companies charge both a diagnostic and a trip charge separately, and others like us, charge a combined fee that includes both. When comparing the costs of several companies, always be sure that the charge you are quoted includes both the trip and the diagnostic fee so that you are able to effectively compare the charges.

For many types of major equipment the machine must be operated through an extended interval cycle to recreate and locate the specific operational complaint. Unfortunately, there is rarely a way for a technician to take apart the machine and test individual components for functionality, nor would it be an efficient method. Our technicians use their technical knowledge and experience to narrow down the likely causes of any given problem, and set about testing that hypothesis in whatever way may be appropriate for that given problem. If you ever have questions about this process during a service call or afterward, feel free to ask your technician or call customer support for clarification.

Trip Charge

This is the charge related to the time in travel to the job-site and the associated carrying costs, fuel, equipment, tools, and dispatch. Again, some companies charge separate fees for each visit and diagnosis, so be sure that you’re clear on what is included in any price you’re given over the phone by service companies.

We do not charge you a trip charge for each visit to your location.

Parts + Materials

Not one item we purchase, from houses to paper towels, magically appear in our hands. The price of any item includes not only the cost of the item itself, but also the carrying costs or the actual dollars spend to obtain the item, including but not limited to; ordering, shipping, packaging, depletion, warranty, return replacement costs as well as documentation costs to provide your warranty. As a service operation that employs a full staff to identify the correct parts, order or pick them up from the supplier, install them, and provide a one-year warranty, we strive to keep our prices reasonable in light of our costs, and believe that the added convenience and security we provide is well worth the price.

Sales Tax

Sales tax is charged on materials only according to state law. There is no tax on labor or service call charges.


These days, technology evolves rapidly, and even in the appliance industry, things are constantly changing. Although we recognize that major appliance repair is not brain surgery, today it has become a profession requiring highly developed skills and expertise not needed years ago. This professional level of expertise must be maintained through consistent training from manufacturers, trade seminars, technical literature, video training, and online exams. The day of the handyman has long since passed. At least three to four weeks annually are now consumed by professional training and review compared to two or three days 10 years ago!

Appliance repair requires knowledge of electronics, gas and mechanical thermal engineering. Today’s technicians’ education must include an understanding of computer boards and programming as well as the knowledge of the individual access and failure codes which appear on each appliance that varies with each manufacturer and model. Furthermore, refrigeration is a highly specialized area of repair work that requires a great deal of technical knowledge and skillful hands.

Technical labor reflects not only the on-site labor time to install materials, but also associated costs: liability and workers compensation insurance, as well as standard overhead costs, warranted coverage; truck/fleet-related costs as well as computers and software programs necessary to research and maintain your particular brand appliance and process orders. Although you only see one technician, you are linked to an entire professional organization. We’re not just a one-man shop with a cell-phone and a garage: we take pride in providing high-quality services and customer support. If you want the confidence and security of knowing that we employ the best technicians, keep insurance, run background checks to ensure your safety and security, have a dedicated customer service staff to answer any questions you might have, and the longest warranty in the industry, then we’re the company for you. We’re a family-owned business and have been in the appliance repair business since 1950, and we take our business seriously. We care about our customers and work hard to provide them with a level of professionalism and courtesy rarely found in this industry.

Note From The Owner

I sincerely hope that this provides a short, understandable, and informative explanation of charges. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

Thank you again for your patronage and we look forward to servicing your major appliance equipment repair needs for life.

James C Dolbeare, CSM.
General Manager

Oven Calibration

$99 oven or range
    • Includes trip + diagnostic review
    • Option: Clean burner igniters
$129 standard refrigerator
    • Includes trip + diagnostic review
    • Option: NuCalgon Sanitation
$169 built-in refrigerator
    • includes trip + diagnostic review
    • Nu-Calgon Sanitation