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Checking the Leak Under Your Freezer

If you own a standalone freezer, chances are you keep a lot of frozen food. If the freezer falters, this could result in a lot of waste. A leaky freezer, however, may not be that large of a problem.

Evaporation Prevents Ice Formation

Freezers and refrigerators work with evaporators. Every few hours the unit’s evaporator turns on a heater to melt any ice formation. That melted water has to go somewhere. In older units, a tray came with them, which was lodged under the unit to collect any water formation. More modern freezer units, such as those made by Frigidaire and Electrolux, have a drainage tube which leads to a collection cup, attached to the compressor. Since the amount of melted ice is small, this water generally evaporates.

If you are experiencing water leaking from your freezer, it could be as simple as the tube being disconnected, or the tube or collection cup having sprung a leak.

Checking the Evaporative Tubing & Collection Cup

For safety reasons, always disconnect any electrical unit before inspection, or performing work on it. Before checking your freezer, disconnect it from its electrical power source. Turn the unit around and look into the lower back of the unit. The collection cup and line are easy to see. Make sure the line is attached at the port from the evaporation unit and the cup. If not, it is easy to fix with just your hands – simply reapply it.

If the line is hooked up at each end, then check it for any visual signs of erosion or a split. If you don’t see anything, you can disconnect it at both ends and run water through it to check for leakage. It is easy to replace, just take it with you to assure you are purchasing the proper size. Connect the new line, by hand, at each end. You can also check the cup by pouring a little water into it to see if it leaks.

While this type of leak is not hazardous to your freezer, it can be hard on your floor, and a nuisance. Repairing it will keep you happy with your freezer.

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