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Garbage Disposal Repair Service

Garbage disposals make kitchen cleanup quick and easy. But when they break down, it can cause serious problems to your daily routine. AAA Appliance understands the urgency of the situation and is here to help.

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7 Essential Garbage Disposal Tips

Please Keep It to Food Only

Avoid causing damage by keeping other materials out — no paper, wood, glass or plastic. Food scraps are the only things you should send down the disposal.


Make sure always to keep the cold water flowing when operating the disposal. Run the tap before, during and 10 to 15 seconds after operating the disposal. Why cold water? Cold water helps congeal any grease and fats to avoid build up in pipes.

No Strings Attached

You know those scraps that are so stringy that it's as though you can't chew through them? Examples would be the tough ends of celery, the bottoms of asparagus, or those rubbery, stringy banana peels? Your disposal has a hard time with them too. Toss them on the compost pile instead.

Be Gentle

Unless you are a plumber, don't send bones, nuts, seeds or hard fruit pits (avocados, peaches, etc.) down the chute. Eggshells and coffee grounds can be processed only in small amounts.

Slow And Steady

The disposal works best on small bits of scraps at a time. But don't make a huge load and try to force it through. For example, a potato peel is fine, but large piles of peels down the disposal can clog the drain or even wrap around the blades.

Clean & Fresh Scent

After use, toss down some ice cubes and lemon halves. The lemon has astringent juices and naturally antimicrobial oils that will help counter odors. The ice cubes will help knock debris buildup off the blades' edges.

Hands Off

Never reach into the garbage disposal! Even when it's turned off. Why? Because the very thing that's clogging the action can suddenly dislodge and release the blades – ouch! If you need to retrieve something, cut the power and try tongs, needle-nose pliers or even chopsticks to dislodge it.

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Where would I find my model or serial number on my garbage disposal?

The garbage disposal model number is crucial in locating the most precise support for your specific model. The sticker mounted to the bottom of your disposal contains your model and serial number.

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