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Like all appliances, these items can eventually fail. Before you go out and purchase a whole new cooktop, our certified electric stove technicians can repair virtually any electric stove problem you're experiencing with your cooktop including but not limited to:

  • Burner not getting hot.
  • Uneven cooking surface.
  • Burner replacement.
  • Malfunctioning clock or timer.
  • Repair/replace the control panel.
  • Excessive heat.

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Where is the model or serial number on my electric cooktop?

It all comes down to the make and model of the range. For example, the model number of your Amana range may be found on the left-hand edge of the storage drawer. The model number of a Bosch oven may be found on the lower inner panel of the oven door. The position of the model/serial number on GE models is determined by the model design.

  • Single Oven — At the lower-left border of the oven compartment on the front frame.
  • Double Oven — At the bottom-left border of the lower oven compartment on the front frame.
  • Microwave Oven Combination – Located on the left sidewall of the microwave chamber.

As for Kenmore ranges the model number tag will be visible below the burners. The model number of a KitchenAid appliance may be found beneath the control panel. You can see them if you rotate the serial plates up. Whirlpool model numbers can also be discovered on a label or rating plate. For stoves and ovens, this is commonly located around the frame, behind the appliance's door.

Where would I find my model or serial number on my stove?

A paper sticker or a metal plate will most likely have the model number. The number might appear in a variety of locations depending on the brand and model. It may be behind the control panel (gas) or behind the fuse cove, for example. Check below the cooktop (if it's a lift-up kind) or on the door frame. Check the inside of the bottom storage compartment wall and the inside of the interior side panel.

Did You Know?

When it comes to electric stoves, preheating is your best friend!

It can take a long time for a burner to properly heat up—in our experience, up to 15 minutes! That's why you should preheat your burners while you're prepping your food. Have onions to chop? Turn your burner on first, then get to work. By the time you're prepped and ready to go, your stovetop should be too.

Residents throughout the greater Chicago area rely on their electric cooktops every day. These cooktops are designed to last for years and are easier to clean than traditional stovetops.

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