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Fixing Icing Problems in a Whirlpool Side by Side

The cause of ice formation or added condensation on a freezer is generally the fact that a small amount of warm air is getting into the unit. First, you will need to find out where that could be coming from.

Diagnosing the Problem

First off check the door to make sure it is positioned and aligned properly, and also that it is level. Check the door gasket to ensure there are no rips or tears.
If those seem to be in proper order then perhaps some silicone is in order to fill in any possible air leaks with warm area getting into the freezer.

Silicone Application

To silicone, the liner of the freezer compartment, first clean off the liner area with a dry towel. Generally, it is easiest to work on one wall at a time, say the top, then one side, the bottom, and the other side, so you don’t have to keep cleaning off the area before caulking. Using electrical grade silicone, caulk all of the seams of the freezer compartment. It only takes a small amount. Smooth it out with your fingertips and a smooth cloth. Wipe away any access silicone with a paper towel.
Following that, you will also want to add a little silicone to the freezer hinge area. Remove the hinge cover and then the two screws that mount the hinge. Place a drop of silicone into each hole and then replace the screws right back in. Replace the hinge cover.
This should prevent any warm air from consistently entering the freezer area, and should solve the condensation or freezing problem.

DIY or Professional Repair?

It’s a pretty simple fix and one a DIY home repair person can perform. But for larger problems, or any other appliance repairs that you don’t want to try to conquer yourself, in Chicago or Atlanta give AAA Appliance Service Center a call, or schedule a repair through our website.
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