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Freezer Repair

Your Trusted Freezer Repair Specialists

Your freezer helps you save time and money at the grocery store by letting you buy in bulk and store your food for longer periods of time. But when your freezer goes out, it can cost you a bundle in lost food.

Where would I find my model or serial number in my freezer?

On a contemporary freezer, the model and serial number should be on a label inside, generally attached to the side. Open the door and take a good look. It is sometimes found at the bottom, or it could even appear on the back of the appliance. Remove drawers from the freezer's bottom one at a time until you find it.

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AAA Appliance Service Center Freezer Repair

  • Reducing frost buildup.
  • Blown motors.
  • Maintaining a constant temperature.
  • Staying cold.
  • Leaky seals.

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