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Frigidaire and Kenmore Wall Ovens Recalled by Electrolux

While homeowners rely on the safety and reliability of their kitchen appliances to provide their family with meals on a daily basis, many homeowners are unaware when one of their appliances has been recalled by the manufacturer. For this reason, we felt it was important to share a recent recall of electric wall ovens manufactured by Electrolux and sold under the Frigidaire and Kenmore brands in early 2016 that were recalled later that year as they posed a fire hazard. Here is everything you need to know about this recall.

The Ovens Sold

The ovens that are being recalled were sold under the Frigidaire and Kenmore brand names and came in black, white, or stainless steel. They were sold from March through April of 2016 by Knie Appliance & TV, Inc. in Illinois, and they were also sold nationwide at Sears as well as online through Sears’ website. Several model numbers are included in this recall, and they can be found listed on the recall’s web page on the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission’s website. The models recalled include single and double wall ovens.

The Problem

Upon learning about this recall of ovens manufactured by such a large national brand, you may be wondering what the cause of the recall was. According to the recall report, the thermal switch on these ovens can malfunction due to an improper manufacturing process, which could result in fires. However, no major incidents or injuries have been reported. Unfortunately, recalls of this variety are not an uncommon occurrence, as Kenmore also recalled wall ovens in 2008 due to the potentiality that they would start a fire.

What You Should Do

If you purchased a Frigidaire or Kenmore wall oven in 2016, you may be wondering what you should do next. If you believe that your oven is one of the recalled ovens, the most important thing is to stop using it. Next would be to locate the model and serial number located on the left side trim on the inside of the oven. You can then compare these numbers to those corresponding with the recall listed on the recall web page. If your oven is one of those affected by the recall, or you are still unsure, you should call Electrolux or sears directly to learn more about this recall. While we are experienced in repairing Kenmore and Frigidaire ovens, Electrolux is providing free inspections and repairs to all customers affected by the recall. The number Electrolux has provided for customers to call in regards to the recall is 888-360-8556.