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Gas Cooktop Repair

If you are experiencing an issue with your gas cooktop and are in need of our gas cooktop repair service in Chicago, IL, then contact AAA Appliance today and let our professional certified technicians get you back up and running.

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Signs You Need Gas Cooktop Service

When you’re cooking with gas, it’s important to make sure your stovetop is properly working. If not, you can encounter a major problem that could lead to flare-ups or even an explosion.

To avoid situations like these, contact AAA Appliance Service Center at (866) 966-1950 if you live in the Chicago-area and are experiencing the following problems with your gas stovetop:

  • Burner won’t light.
  • Pilot light that is out.
  • Weak flame.
  • Odor of gas.
  • Noisy burner.

Did You Know?

  • If the cooktop does not light immediately, try cleaning your burner holes and igniter.
  • Food residue can clog for burners which will cause them to not light automatically.
  • Use a stiff toothbrush (without water or cleaning solutions) to clean the burner and the igniter to remove any grease or crumbs.
  • Use a needle or toothpick to get food out of hard-to-reach places, like the burner holes.
  • Call for service if cleaning your burner does not seem to help. Your igniter may be broken and need replacement.

When you’re having gas stove problems, call AAA Appliance at (866) 966-1950! We're happy to fix your gas cooktop or any other appliance that's acting up!

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