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Dryer Repair


Dryer Not Hot Enough

If your dryer isn’t getting hot enough, you should consider how long it’s been since your last dryer vent cleaning. Having your vent cleaned is extremely important, not only because it improves the function of your dryer, but because a build-up of lint can be a fire-hazard.

Dryer Making Noises

One common complaint we often hear is about dryers is that they create a lot of noise and sometimes shake away from their original position. This can be caused by overloading the dryer, but aside from that, we’ve found that Shake Away pads can very effectively combat this problem. Ask your technician or send us an e-mail if you would like to purchase Shake-Away Pads for your dryer.
You can purchase Shake-Away Pads at Home Depot & Amazon

Not Rotating

A power outage, lose plug or a popped fuse can prevent a dryer from spinning. We recommend verifying that power is indeed getting to the dryer. Similar to a washer, if the door is open or not securely closed the dryer will not spin. Outside of these issues we recommend contacting a professional to check electrical and component issues. We don’t recommend attempting these yourself for safety because of the electrical dangers.

Door Isn’t Closing

The dryer door latch assembly may need to be replaced. It is important to fix this issue, because this will prevent the dryer from operating. Sometimes there is a bent door, door hinge or other door components.


Clean out the dryer’s lint trap every time the dryer is used. To clean the lint screen, remove it from the unit and remove the accumulated lint to clear the screen; then place the screen back in it’s slot. There is also an exhaust vent that collects the lint from your items. Cleaning the vent requires removing the lint from a screen at the dryer’s vent exhaust and/or at the end of the exhaust vent where it sticks out through to the exterior of the building.

To clean the vent you can use a vent-cleaning brush which you can purchase at a hardware store which can pull out any lint debris. The vent can be punctured during the cleaning process so we recommend often that the Dryer Vent Wizard or other local company perform the task to prevent vent damage.