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How to Recycle Your Refrigerator’s Water Filter

If you have a refrigerator that produces water, then it comes with a water filter to make sure the water you drink tastes great and is filtered of anything that might hurt you. However, like any filter, it needs to be replaced. This should be done every six months or more if you frequently use the function. However, while a filter saves the world from hundreds of plastic bottles in landfills and oceans, what do you do with a filter once it is empty?

Certainly, you could just throw it away and let it end up in a landfill, but you should consider recycling it instead. The information for standard recycling is located on the bottom of the cylinder, but those who want to recycle can receive extra benefits.

There is a program, partnered with Whirlpool, called the G2 Revolution. While they are partners with Whirlpool, they accept filters from any brand of refrigerator. Once they have the filters, they are broken down into aggregate that is used to create concrete for roads and other building products. While this process does cost money to send the filter to them, it does not come without benefits. You will receive 20 percent off the purchase of your next water filter for your refrigerator.

In the end, this program won’t save you more than a few dollars, but it will help the environment. Whether you are using G2 Revolution or your local recycling service, you will need to properly clean the filter either way. This involves removing the hard outer shell and removing the sand and charcoal that is within. You can simply rinse this out and leave it in your yard. In order to send it to G2, they recommend you let it then dry for three days before mailing it. However, with traditional recycling, they probably won’t mind a bit of moisture.