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How to Replace a Broken Evaporator Fan Motor When Your Amana Refrigerator Is Not Cooling Properly A9RXNMFWW02

If your Amana refrigerator (A9RXNMFWW02) is not cooling properly, there may be something wrong with the evaporator fan motor.

Before you begin

You will need a manual and electric screwdriver, a steamer, and the new fan motor.

First, use your hand to test the temperature in the fridge and freezer. If the freezer is still cold, you know that the unit is still functioning, but the cold air is not getting into the fridge. The problem may lie in the evaporator fan motor, which is supposed to force cold air down into the refrigerator compartment.

So remove all the food from the refrigerator so that you can access the back panel of the fridge and see more clearly what the problem is. Remove the freezer rack by lifting it up and sliding it out. Then remove the quarter inch screws holding the back panel in place.

Next, gently grab the panel and try to remove it–be careful, this panel is fragile. If the panel is frozen stuck at the bottom, use a steamer to loosen up an ice or frost buildup. You will have to open up a tab at the back of the panel to remove the ice maker harness. The ground wire must be detached as well.

Be careful as you reach into work on the exposed machinery, there are dangerous sharp edges.

If the fan motor is not working, it will cause the drain between the freezer and fresh food section may freeze with water. This will prevent the refrigerator from cooling properly.

Replacing the motor

To replace the motor, first remove the screws holding it in place, then lift the fan out. Then untuck the wires carefully. Now you can remove the wire terminals from the fan.

To remove the fan blade, grasp around the centerpiece and lift it directly off. Be careful not to break the blades. Now, separate the white part of the fan from the black part. Look for the small black tabs on the side of the fan. Press them in and pull back on the bracket on both sides.

Hold the motor so it does not fall. Now remove the motor, but remember which way it came out (the bottom of the fan was at the top of the bracket).

Pull the grommet off the motor, and put it back into the black bracket. It will hold the motor in place and help with the vibration.

Take your new fan motor, and place it in the white bracket, remembering how the wiring was positioned. Replace the black part of the bracket (with the grommet in place), making sure that you have lined it up correctly. Then snap it in. Make sure that it is locked in before you replace the fan blade and make sure the fan has good clearance by giving it a spin.

Now plug the wires back into the mechanism and mount the fan. Tuck your remaining wires back into the bracket and fasten the screws. Replace everything as it was before. Now your fan is securely attached to the back of your freezer.

Give the fan a spin to make sure everything is clear. Now remove the ice from the bottom of the freezer to make sure that the vents and drain hole are clear. You can clear out the remaining frost/ice buildup using a steamer. Be careful of the sharp metal as you do so.

Replacing the back panel

Hook up your ground wire first. When you replace the back panel, make sure that the lower section is in place, then push the entire panel back. Now replace the two screws with your electric screwdriver. But be careful not to over tighten the screws.

Now you can open the refrigerator and turn the unit on to verify that everything is working properly. Listen for the fan running and feel for an air flow in the freezer and the fresh foods section. If both are working properly, remember to replace the freezer rack that you removed earlier, and you’re done.