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How to Replace a Defective Lid Switch on Your Whirlpool Washer

Does your top load Whirlpool washing machine model WTW5520SQ fill-up with water, but never begins to agitate after you’ve closed the lid? If this malfunction sounds familiar, you may be dealing with a failing washer lid switch. The lid switch acts as a safety precaution. It stops the appliance from spinning while the door is open. When the part is defective, your washer will not run in the drain or spin mode. While this may seem like a major malfunction, it’s actually a quick and easy fix.

How to Replace a Defective Lid Switch on Your Whirlpool Washer

Before you start, please unplug your appliance or turn it off at the circuit breaker. Work gloves and safety goggles should be worn to prevent an injury from occurring.

  • In order to access the backside of your washer, pull the appliance away from the wall. With a Phillips screwdriver, remove the two screws that hold the top panel in place.
  • Once the screws are loose, push the panel slightly forward to release it from the mounting tabs. Rotate the panel back to gain access to the defective lid switch. You should find the switch near the left corner of your washer.
  • Using a 5/16″ nut driver, loosen and remove the screw that is keeping the grounding wire in place.
  • While holding the lid of your washer open, squeeze the release tab on the lid switch to remove the malfunctioning part.
  • Close the washer’s lid. Now, disconnect the wire harness from the lid switch.
  • Pick-up your new washer lid switch and connect the wire harness to it.
    Once again, open the washing machine lid and snap the switch into place. You should hear a click when it is properly installed.
  • Shut the lid and reconnect the ground wire, using your 5/16″ nut driver.
  • Now that the new switch lid is installed, flip the top panel over, and line up the mounting tabs before snapping the panel into place.
  • On the backside of your washer, reattach the screws you removed in step one.
  • Plug or appliance back in, and try washing a load of laundry to determine if the new lid switch fixed the issue.

if your washer is still refusing to spin, please contact us today and we’ll be happy to help you repair the malfunction.