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How to Replace Broken Slide-Out Shelves in Your GE Refrigerator

Over time, the shelves in your refrigerator might break. The glass can become cracked or the edges can break, especially if they carry a lot of weight. Order a new shelf assembly, which is part #WR32X10381 for GE and Kenmore refrigerators. Then follow these steps to replace the broken shelf.

1. Unplug your refrigerator.

The first step you take in every repair procedure should be to unplug the appliance or flip its circuit breaker off. Even though you won’t be accessing electrical parts during this repair, unplugging the refrigerator keeps you and the surrounding area safe.

2. Remove the old shelf.

Open the door to the fresh food section, and locate the broken shelf assembly. Next, lift up the front of the shelf assembly. Unhook the back supports from the rail in the rear of the refrigerator and pull the whole shelf out of the refrigerator. Set the shelf aside.

3. Install the new shelf assembly.

Before you can install the shelf, you may need to remove the rails from the old shelf and transfer them to the new part. Tilt the shelf onto its side and remove the two screws securing the rail. Repeat to remove the rail on the other side of the shelf.

Attach the rails to the new shelf by tilting the shelf onto its side and lining up the rails with the mounting holes. Before you secure the rails in place with the two screws, make sure you correctly identify the ‘left’ and ‘right’ rails by the labels on the sides.

Once the rails are in place, you can install the new shelf. Slide the shelf into the refrigerator at the correct height and make sure the shelf is level. Then hook the rear locks against the vertical rails in the back of the refrigerator. Lower the front of the shelf until it snaps into place.

Close the door and plug in your refrigerator.

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