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How to Replace the Dispenser Switch in Your GE Refrigerator

The dispenser switch in your GE refrigerator model GSS25SGMBS tells your appliance when to dispense water or ice. If you activate your dispenser and nothing comes out, you’re most likely dealing with a short in the switch. Replacing the dispenser switch, also known as a microswitch, is a simple repair that should take you no more than an hour.

How to Replace the Dispenser Switch in Your GE Refrigerator

Before starting your repair, unplug your refrigerator, and put on a pair of work gloves and safety goggles to protect yourself from injury.

  1. Using a putty knife, remove the trim around the dispenser control board. Carefully insert the putty knife underneath the trim and push up to pop the trim out of its locking tabs. Then, with your hands, finish pulling the trim off your refrigerator.
  2. With the trim out of the way, remove the control board from the dispenser and disconnect the wire harnesses attached to the back of the board. To be safe, you may want to take a picture of the connections to ensure you know which wire harness goes where.
  3. Underneath the control board, you’ll find the plastic dispenser housing shield. The dispenser switch is attached to the back of the housing shield. To access it, you’ll need to unthread the four screws securing the shield to your refrigerator. Once the screws are out, pull the housing shield off your refrigerator and turn it around. On one side you’ll see a light bulb, and on the other, you’ll find the dispenser switch. The switch is held in place by locking tabs. Disengage the tabs by pushing on them, and then pull the dispenser switch out of the housing shield. Now that the dispenser switch is free, disconnect the wires running between the switch and the dispenser housing shield.
  4. Now it’s time to install your new dispenser switch. Reconnect the wires to the dispenser switch and push the component into the housing shield. Once the locking tabs are engaged, reattach the shield to your freezer door and reinsert the four screws you removed earlier. After the part is secure, grab the control board and reattach the wire harnesses. Then, snap the panel back onto the dispenser. To finish up your repair, place the dispenser trim back on the freezer door.
  5. Plug-in your appliance, and grab a cup to test if your ice and water dispenser is functioning properly.

If you have a question about your refrigerator’s performance, please contact us today and one of our appliance repair technicians will help you find the answer you need.