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How to Replace the Ice Selection Solenoid in Your GE Refrigerator

The ice dispenser on your GE refrigerator model TFX20JRBAA lets you choose between crushed ice and cubed ice. If you hit the button for cubed and crushed ice comes out instead, the ice selection solenoid in your dispenser is likely malfunctioning. Unfortunately, replacing the faulty component is the only way to fix the problem.

How to Replace the Ice Selection Solenoid in Your GE Refrigerator

Before you start your repair, unplug your refrigerator from the wall or switch it off at the circuit breaker. Wearing work gloves and safety goggles during any type of appliance repair is highly recommended.

  1. Begin your repair by opening the freezer door. Then, take out the ice bucket and the shelf that sits above it.
  2. On the freezer wall, behind the ice bucket, you’ll find the auger assembly. Using a nut driver, unthread the screws securing the assembly to the wall. Once all the screws are out, take the auger assembly off the wall and disconnect the wires running to it. Now that the component is loose, pull it out of the freezer and set it on a flat work surface.
  3. To remove the ice selection solenoid, unthread its mounting screws found on the front of the auger assembly. After the screws are removed, turn the auger assembly around and disconnect the wires attached to the solenoid. Pull the component off the solenoid arm and take it out of the auger assembly.
  4. Take the insulator cube off the old ice selection solenoid and install it on the new part. Once the insulator is in place, reconnect the wires to the proper solenoid terminals, and slide the component back onto the solenoid arm. Secure the ice selector solenoid to the auger assembly with the mounting screws you took out earlier.
  5. Take the auger assembly back to the freezer and reconnect its wire harness to the rear wall. Then, secure the assembly to the wall.
  6. Replace the ice bucket and top shelf, and shut the freezer door.
  7. Now that your ice dispenser has a new ice selection solenoid, plug your refrigerator in, and test out your handy work by choosing either crushed ice or cubed ice.

If your refrigerator is giving you a hard time and you can’t figure out what’s wrong with it, please contact us today to schedule an appointment with one of our appliance repair technicians.