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How to Replace the Shock Absorbers in Your LG Front Load Washer

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Your front load LG washer model WM2050CW is equipped with three shock absorbers that run between the appliance’s outer tub and the base frame. During a spin cycle, the shock absorbers reduce the movement of the washing machine’s tub, meaning the appliance won’t shake uncontrollably. When the shock absorbers become worn from age, they can weaken, which diminishes their effectiveness. If you’ve noticed your washer is vibrating more than usual, worn or damaged shock absorbers are most likely the cause. To replace the shock absorbers in your LG washer, follow the repair guide below.

How to Replace Shock Absorbers in Your LG Washer

Before replacing the shock absorbers, unplug your appliance or switch it off at the circuit breaker. Work gloves and safety goggles should always be worn during any type of appliance repair.

  1. There are two shock absorbers located in the front of your washer and one located in the back. To remove the front shocks, you’ll need to take off the washer’s front panel. Begin by opening the washer’s door. Using a flat head screwdriver, pry the clamp off the door boot seal and peel the boot seal from the lip of the front panel. Move the seal out of the way, and reach into the washer to disconnect the wire harness from the door latch. Close the washing machine’s door.
  2. Move to the bottom of the washer and open the pump filter’s cover. Remove the screw holding the filter housing in place, and unclip the drainage tube. Pull out the housing, and unthread the lower panel mounting screw.
  3. Stand-up and move to the back of your appliance. Take out the two screws securing the main top to the cabinet. Slide the maintop back an inch and lift it up and off the appliance.
  4. Head back to the front of the washer, and open the dispenser drawer. Press down on the locking tab and remove the drawer from the control panel. Unthread the front and rear control panel mounting screws. Now unhook the control panel’s tabs and rotate the control panel up, so it is resting on the top of your appliance.
  5. Take out the upper front panel mounting screws, and pull the front panel up and off the washer cabinet. Place the panel somewhere safe and out of the way.
  6. Locate the two mounting pins on the first shock absorber. Using a deep well socket, depress the tab on one of the mounting pins and pull the pin out with pliers. You’ll need to do this at the bottom and the top of the shock absorber. Once both pins are out, remove the shock absorber from the washer’s cabinet. Repeat the same process on the second shock absorber.
  7. Now you can replace the worn shock absorbers with new ones. Place the shock absorbers in their brackets, and insert the pins to lock them in place.
  8. Before reassembling your washer, move to the back of your appliance, and remove the screws securing the rear panel. Take out the third shock absorber and replace it with a new one.
  9. After all the shock absorbers are secure, reattach the rear panel and reinstall your front panel.
    Snap the control panel into place and add the mounting screws to secure it. Slide the dispenser drawer back in and reattach the washer’s main top. Move to the bottom of your appliance and reinstall the lower front panel mounting screw. Snap on the pump filter housing and insert the screw. Place the filter tube into the mounting clip and close the cover. Reconnect the wires to the door latch and reattach the boot seal and clamp to the lip of the front panel.
  10. Now that the repair is done, plug your washer back in and enjoy your new shock absorbers.
    If your appliance is still shaking during the spin cycle, please contact us today to schedule an appointment with one of our highly qualified appliance repair technicians.