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How to Replace the Water Dispenser Tube in Your KitchenAid Refrigerator

A leak coming from your KitchenAid refrigerator model KSCS25FKSS02 may signal a damaged water dispenser tube. The dispenser tube travels from the bottom of the freezer door to the appliance’s water dispenser. Replacing the faulty tube is a repair job most knowledgeable, do-it-yourself enthusiasts can accomplish in less than an hour.

How to Replace the Water Dispenser Tube in Your Refrigerator

Never leave your appliance plugged in during a repair, and always wear work gloves and safety goggles to protect against injury.

  1. Open the freezer and refrigerator door, and remove the kick panel at the bottom of the appliance. To do so, insert a putty knife between the kick panel and the frame of the refrigerator, and carefully twist the knife to pop off the panel.
  2. Locate the water dispenser tube and disconnect it from the tube adapter. Some water may drip out of the dispenser tube once it’s unfastened.
  3. Now that the water supply line is disconnected, close the freezer and refrigerator door and disassemble the appliance’s water dispenser. Start by removing the drip tray. Once the tray is out of the way, unthread the two screws holding the dispenser trim to the door. Carefully pull the trim away from the surface. To avoid detaching the wires connected to the back of the trim, simply slide the part over to the side of the refrigerator and tape it in place.
  4. With the trim out of the way, it’s time to remove the bracket that the wires are mounted to. Using a ¼” nut driver, take out the two secures securing the bracket to the dispenser. Tilt the bracket up and tape it to the freezer door.
  5. Locate the water dispenser tube and the bracket that holds it in place. Remove the single screw that secures the bracket to the freezer. Grab the bracket and use it to pull the tube through the dispenser. Once the water dispenser tube is free, remove the bracket and throw out the tube.
  6. To run the new water tube through the dispenser, start at the bottom of the freezer. There is a hole located at the bottom of the hinge, feed the water tube through the opening until it pokes out of the hole at the top of the dispenser. Stand-up and pull the tube further out of the dispenser with needle nosed pliers.
  7. Install the water dispenser tube onto the bracket. Make sure the tube is overlapping the bracket by ¾ of an inch. Once the tube is secure, mount the bracket back onto the freezer door.
  8. Before moving to the bottom of the freezer door, reassemble the water dispenser by screwing the larger bracket back in and reattaching the dispenser trim. Don’t forget to slide the drip tray back into the slot you removed it out of earlier.
  9. The new water tube is a bit longer than needed, so open both the freezer and refrigerator doors and move down to the bottom of the freezer. Before cutting off the extra tubing, measure it by lining it up with the tube adapter. The length does not have to be exact, however, you do not want to cut the tube too short. Once you’re done measuring, use an Exacto knife and a wooden block to safely cut off the excess tubing. Now you can attach the newly installed water dispenser tube to the tube adapter.
  10. Push the water dispenser tube back into the refrigerator and reattach the kick panel. To finish up your repair, close both doors and plug your refrigerator back in.

If your refrigerator is still leaking, please contact us today and we’ll be happy to help you.