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How to Replace Your GE Refrigerator’s Defrost Heater and Bracket WR51X10055

Every freezer has a defrost heater assembly to keep the freezer from getting too cold. But if your freezer is too cold, there’s too much frost buildup, or the freezer is too warm, you need a new defrost heater and bracket assembly. Order replacement part #WR51X10055 if you have a GE model, and follow these steps to install your new defrost heater:

1. Unplug the refrigerator.

During the course of this repair, you will be disconnecting and manipulating wires. Unplug the appliance to keep yourself safe.

2. Remove the freezer’s back panel.

Open the freezer door. Before you can remove the back panel, remove the freezer’s shelves and bottom drawer. Also, remove the light cover and the light bulb so it doesn’t break.
Now you can remove the panel. Loosen the two screws holding the top of the panel and remove the ground wire clamp at the top of the cover so it hangs freely. Then pull the top edge out at an angle, lift it up so the bottom is free, and twist the panel to the side so you can completely pull it out.

3. Remove the old defrost heater assembly.

At the bottom of the revealed interior, you can find the defrost heater. Loosen the two screws holding the assembly in place and set them aside. Then lift the part up and out of its slot. Before you completely remove the assembly, disconnect the two wires at the corners. Set the old defroster aside.

4. Install the new part.

First, connect the two side wires. Then slip the assembly into place at the bottom of the interior brackets and make sure the holes align through the frame and the defrost assembly. Retighten the two screws holding the assembly in place.

5. Reassemble the freezer.

Retighten the light bulb and put the light cover back into position. Then add the shelves and drawer you removed earlier.
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