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How to Replace Your GE Washer’s Agitator with Part #WH43X25442

The spinning pole in the middle of your washing machine tub, or the agitator, is designed to help spin your laundry. It makes sure water and soap reach the whole load of laundry equally. But if pieces have broken off of it, it can’t agitate the clothing effectively enough to get them clean. If you have a GE washing machine, you can easily order a replacement agitator assembly (#WH43X25442). Then follow these steps to complete the repair.

1. Unplug your washing machine and turn off the water.

Before you start any repair on an appliance, unplug it or flip the appropriate circuit breaker to keep yourself safe. As an additional precaution, turn off the hot and cold water supply lines. This will prevent water from shooting out once you remove the agitator.

2. Remove the old agitator assembly.

Open the washing machine lid. Then reach inside the tub and grab the bottom edge of the agitator assembly. Pull up with your hands to pull it free. Then set it aside.

3. Install the new agitator assembly.

Pull the fabric dispenser and the cap underneath it out of the old agitator. Then push it into place in the top of the new agitator assembly.

Lower the agitator onto the middle coupler. Make sure the hole in the base lines up with the orientation of the coupler in the bottom of the tub. You should be able to feel it slide most of the way down into place over the coupler. Then push it down until you can hear it snap into place. Make sure the agitator spins smoothly by hand.

Once the new agitator is in place, close the washer lid. Plug the appliance back in and turn on the water supply lines. For more repair guides and expert advice, go to AAA Appliance Service Center here.