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How to Replace Your Whirlpool Refrigerator’s Door Guide

If you have a two-door refrigerator, the seal is even more important for keeping the cold air trapped inside the fresh food sections. But sometimes the door guide attached to the left door can crack or the hinge can break. This releases the cold air and makes your refrigerator do more work to keep your food cold. Order replacement part #WP12722803B for your Whirlpool refrigerator and follow these steps to install the new part:

1. Unplug the refrigerator.

Before you start any repairs on your refrigerator, make sure it’s unplugged. This is an important safety step during any repair. While you’re uninstalling the old door guide, you will be disconnecting wires, so this safety step is even more essential.

2. Remove the old door guide.

Open the fresh food doors. Next, locate the bracket on the back of the door guide attached to the left fresh food door. Remove the central screw holding the assembly in place. Then pull the door guide up to free the locking tabs and rotate it so you can see the inside without pulling the door guide too far away from the door.

Disconnect the wire assembly in the middle of the door guide. Then you can set the old door guide aside.

3. Install the new door guide.

Start by holding the door guide near the vertical edge of the left door. Connect the wire harness and make sure you hear the click of it locking into position. Then snap the wire harness into place against the tabs on the back of the door guide hinge. Next, swivel the hinge so it’s flush against the inside of the left door. Line up door guide and push it down so the locking tabs engage. Then retighten the central screw in the hinge to hold the door guide in place. Swivel the door guide so it’s flush with the interior edge of the door.

Close the doors and plug in the refrigerator.

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