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How to Replace Your Whirlpool Washer’s Filter Plug Kit to Get Rid of Lint

Just like your dryer, your washing machine has a lint trap. Underneath your appliance’s agitator are filter plugs that catch excess linter. But once the fingers break off the parts or get worn over time, they can’t do their job. Replace the filter plugs on your Whirlpool washer by ordering a kit (part #285868 for Whirlpool models) and following these steps:

1. Unplug the washer.

No matter what repairs you’re making to a major appliance, always unplug the appliance first. This keeps you safer from electrical charges and moving parts while you’re working on the appliance.

2. Remove the filter plugs in the bottom of the drum.

First, you need to be able to access the filter plugs. Open the washer door and remove fabric dispenser at the top of the agitator. Also remove the dust cap seal from inside the agitator.Locate the central bolt inside the agitator and loosen it. You might need to hold the hold the agitator assembly in place so it doesn’t rotate as you remove the bolt. Lift the assembly out of the machine and set it aside.Pull up the old filter plugs by prying them loose with a flathead screwdriver.

3. Insert the new filter plugs.

For most models, the plugs will be in two different sizes. Make sure you insert the larger plugs in the larger holes and the smaller plugs in the smaller holes. Otherwise, the larger plugs will break faster and the smaller ones won’t be able to effectively grab the lint.To insert them, point the small tab on each plug towards the center of the machine. Slide the tabs into position and then press down on the plug. You should hear a small click as each one snaps into place.

4. Reassemble the washer.

First, reinsert the agitator assembly and secure it by tightening the bolt. Next, put the dust cap into position. Make sure the seal around the edge of the cap is still in the groove. Then snap the cap and fabric dispenser back into the top of the agitator assembly.

If you want to make more DIY appliance repairs, or you want to schedule an appointment with a repair technician, contact us at AAA Appliance Service Center.