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Is A Loud Washer a Problem?

You never realize how nice and quiet your washer is until it is not so quiet anymore. If your washer is making noise consistently or louder at times than others, it is a problem. When any appliance is making a new noise that you are not accustomed to or is running loudly, you have a problem. When it is happening to your washer, unfortunately, there are a lot of different problems that can manifest loud sounds. This makes narrowing down what needs fixed a bit of a problem in and of itself.

Shock Absorbers

The shock absorbers in a washer are specifically there to prevent it from making a lot of noise and damaging itself during the cycle. If the shock absorbers fail or weaken, you may notice a lot of noise when the washer starts particularly fast spin cycles.

The Clutch Assembly

If you begin to hear a scraping noise during the spin cycle and the clothes actually come out soaking wet, there is likely something wrong with the clutch assembly. Over time, the clutch assembly can wear down due to friction and when this happens, the spin cycle can’t reach a high enough speed to actually dry the clothes.

Motor Coupling

The motor coupling connects the motor to the transmission. Unfortunately, the coupling will wear out over time and the connections will actually slip. This means when the tub spins, the connections will make a rumbling noise throughout the whole wash.

Pump Belt

If you hear a distinct squealing sound when the washer is in use or smell burning rubber, you will likely want to look to the pump belt as the cause. If the belt is worn down or not in alignment, it can cause the washer to squeal until eventually, the belt will snap. It is best to replace it before that happens.

These are some general areas to explore on your own but don’t hesitate to reach out to our team of appliance repair experts!