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Is my appliance still under warranty?

Few events are more frustrating than having an appliance breakdown. Before you schedule an appointment with AAA Appliance and Service Center, it’s best to check if your appliance repairs will be covered by a warranty.

If you’re not sure if your appliance repair will be covered, here’s some ways to check.

The first year or less

If you purchased your appliance in the last 30 days, you can be almost certain it’s covered by a warranty. In fact, some stores may even let you exchange it or refund your money.

In most cases, appliances come with a one-year warranty. So if it’s been less than 12 months, there’s a good chance it’s covered.

Check your receipt

If it’s been longer than a year, check the receipt to see if you purchased an extended warranty. If you spent a few extra dollars up front, the extended appliance warranty may pay for your repair.

Check the manufacturer’s website

Look under the warranty section of the manufacturer’s website. It will give you all the parameters of what your warranty covers, and for how long. If you’re still not sure, give them a call and ask.

Don’t work on it yourself

Most warranties are voided if you try to fix your appliance yourself. If your appliance isn’t working, it’s best to call AAA Appliance and Service Center to repair your unit instead of voiding the warranty.

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