Microwave Oven Repair

Signs Your Microwave Oven Needs Repair

  • Light isn't coming on.
  • Turntable isn't turning.
  • Microwave won't heat up.
  • Microwave shuts off after a few seconds.
  • Exhaust fan isn't working.
  • Display isn't working.

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Common Microwave Issues

Won't Turn On/ No Power

Please check first if the circuit breaker tripped. We see that a blown fuse can cause this as well and can easily be replaced and fixed. A more intricate issue could be a defective control board. A technician will be able to verify if the bad connection can be located and repaired, otherwise, the entire board must be replaced.

Not Heating

Most often this is caused by a defective magnetron. Other causes are a defective HV capacitor, defective control board or there is a short in the HV Rectifier. A technician can test the connections to verify the actual cause.


Grease accumulated in the cavity can cause sparks during use. It's important that you regularly clean the interior of the microwave. Another issue could be that the microwave stirrer may have become inoperative due to either a defective motor, fan motor or broken belt. Without the function stirrer, microwave energy concentrates on one internal part which will cause burning, sparking, etc. Lastly, the HV Rectifier may need to be replaced.

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