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Properly load your dishwasher for clean dishes

If your dishwasher isn’t cleaning your dishes, the problem may not be not be the appliance, but the way you’re loading it.

Consumer Reports says the way you load your dishwasher plays an important role in how clean your dishes get. Here’s what you need to remember each time you prepare to load your dishwasher.

Top Rank
Place cups, glasses and small bowls here. Be sure to angle any cups that have a divot on the bottom to prevent water from pooling. If you still experience this problem even after angling the cups, unload the bottom rank first so water don’t fall on the dishes below when you pull the top rack out.

Bottom Rack
Put heavy dishes – including pots, pans and casserole dishes – on the bottom rack. If any of these items have long handles, position them so the handle won’t slide through the rank and obstruct the spray arm from spinning.

If you have large baking sheets, place them on the side of the rack. Placing them in the front can prevent the detergent from being properly distributed.

Pre-rinse dishes
You only need to pre-rinse your dishes if they’re going to sit in the dishwasher for a long period of time. If you’re going to run the dishwasher right after you load it, just scrape off any excess food before loading it.

Forks and spoons should be loaded with the handles down. Knives should be placed in the silverware holder with the handle up to prevent cuts.

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