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Your refrigerator is in need of a sealed system repair.  That means that heart of the refrigerator, the compressor, may no longer be able to push or pull the refrigeration fluid as needed.  This mechanical failure can be caused by overheating, mechanical wear, leaks and/or moisture entering the pressurized system.  When moisture gains entry into the sealed system it turns into acid that eats away at the internal parts of the refrigerator.  While overheating causes the oil and refrigerant to mix and becomes sludge and then restricts the line. AAA Appliance Service Center realizes that your refrigerator is not a commodity; it represents a significant investment in your home and is essential to daily life.  Our service philosophy is to build in quality and durability into our service to provide superior, long lasting quality repairs that you deserve and are worthy of your investment.  We do not use shortcut service procedures or temporary and ineffective repairs on a sealed system.  As an industry, it is understood that the procedure will eventually corrupt the internal mechanics and result in eventual major component failure, which will lead to replacement.  This is why the product manufacturer will only warranty parts used in a “sweep” procedure for 30 days.  AAA Appliance Service Center recommends and provides a long term repair, which is why we offer the longest warranty in the industry!

when moisture enters the system it creates acid to erode the internal component parts


  • Compressor
  • Overload Relay, run capacitor, start relay, Schrader valves, service valves, cap seals, sweat fittings, silver solder, braising rod and flux, sand cloth, filter dryer, evaporator coil, accumulator, condensing motor, refrigerant recovery bag, nitrogen, acetylene, and full system charge of the appropriate refrigerant.
  • If applicable; drain loop assembly, plumbing assembly heat exchanger/capillary line


  • Installation of the service recovery valves.
  • Refrigerant recovery and removal according to EPA standards.
  • Extraction and disposal of defective sealed system component parts.
  • Seal and close off oil ports, grommet insulators, etc.
  • Nitrogen purge and seal pressure test.
  • Refrigerant charge and restart of the system.
  • As needed, the installation of all new applicable sealed system components.


  • The compressor has a five (5) year extended warranty.
  • Typical compressor warranties are only for 30 days.
  • All other component parts, as well as the labor and service call fee, are covered under a one (1) year warranty.
  • All repairs with AAA Appliance Service Center are guaranteed with a one year warranty.