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Repairing a Faulty User Interface in an Electrolux Washer

Of all the parts that can break on your washer, a faulty user interface is pretty straightforward. In theory, everything should work fine, everything but the buttons that activate those functions, that is. While there are other issues that can cause this, there is one common symptom that should point you towards the user interface board as the problem. If your Electrolux washer interface has manifested buttons that work occasionally or that doesn’t work at all, it strongly behooves you to replace the user interface. Often when the UI board goes out, you cannot use the washer at all, but you will likely have noticed problems before then.

Before you begin, be sure to:

  • Disconnect your washer from its power source
  • Shut off the water to your washer. If you need to pull it out, you may also need to remove the water hoses
  • A Phillips screwdriver
  • A replacement user interface board #092701 for your Electrolux washer

Replacing a User Interface Board in Your Electrolux Washer

After disconnecting the water and power, start by removing the two screws on the back of the main top. Once removed, the lid should slide off revealing the inside of the washer. You will then want to unscrew the screws on the control panel and the mounting bracket.

Now you will want to remove the dispenser drawer, pressing the button at the back to fully release it so it can be removed. The screws inside the dispenser drawer alcove will need to be removed to fully release the control interface.

The control panel will lift up to detach. However, you will also have to disconnect the wire harness before it will fully detach.

With the control panel detached, remove the screws from the back to uncover the user interface board.

Once the old user interface board has been removed, you need to transfer the control knob and buttons over to your new board. Essentially, anything transparent or chrome will be move over. Be sure to also remove the protective covering from the screen on the new board.

The board will need to align back with the control panel, which is the trickiest part of this repair. Once done, the back can be placed on and you can reinstall your control panel back in the washer.