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Are washers and dryers worth repairing?

Yes, washers and dryers can be worth repairing. Although, when determining whether to repair or replace your washer and dryer, you should consider the age of your washer and dryer and how severely damaged it is. In some cases, it can be more beneficial to have your washer and dryer replaced if the cost to repair them is more than half the cost of purchasing a new washer and dryer. Although, if your washer and dryer are fairly new and inexpensive to repair, it can be more cost effective to have them repaired. To get your washer and dryer repaired, contact us today.

How many years should a washing machine last?

A washing machine should typically last around 10 years. Although, the lifespan of your washing machine can fluctuate due to: 

  • The type of washing machine you have 
  • How often you use your washing machine
  • How often you have your washing machine serviced 

One of the best ways to help your washing machine last longer is to inspect it and clean it regularly. Just like other household appliances, a washing machine can break down more often if it is dirty and poorly maintained. To get your washing machine repaired or replaced, contact us today.

What is the average cost of appliance repair in Aurora IL?

The average cost of appliance repair is usually around $150-$500 in Aurora, IL. However, the cost can vary depending on: 

  • The type of appliance 
  • The kind of repair 
  • The level of the repair 

Freezers and refrigerators can be the most expensive to repair on average, with dryers and washers being the second most expensive to repair. Garbage disposals, ovens and ranges are some of the least expensive appliances to repair. To get your appliance repaired, contact us today.

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