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SquareTrade Warranty TV Repair

We can help with your TV problems

Many TV problems you encounter require costly repairs or troubleshooting. That’s why we’ve partnered with SquareTrade as an authorized warranty repair service center for your T.V warranty.

The warranty covers a range of television repairs, including:

  • Mechanical/electrical failure
  • Screen failure
  • Power supply burnout
  • Speaker failure
  • Broken buttons

Don’t have a SquareTrade warranty yet? Don’t worry, we’ve outlined some common TV problems that can easily be fix.


Black Screen

If you turn on your TV and only a blank screen appears, hit the menu button. If the menu appears, then the component you’re trying to use has likely come unplugged or isn’t on. You may also be using the wrong TV input.

If the menu screen does not appear, then you may have a faulty TV panel. If that’s the case, this is a costly repair and you might be better off replacing your television.


Power Surge

Most TVs that have been damaged by a power surge can be repaired by resetting it to its default state.

To start, unplug the unit and any components you have plugged into it (i.e. cable box, satellite receiver, etc.). You can then plug the unit back in and follow these steps to try and revive it.


Won’t turn on

Use the power button on the television instead of the remote. If this works, the batteries in your remote may need replaced.

If your TV still won’t turn on, unplug your TV and plug it into a different outlet in case the original outlet is not functioning. Finally, try plugging a different component (cable box, DVD player, etc.) into these outlets. If these other items work, then you know your TV is not functioning and needs to be examined by a TV repairman.

To learn more about SquareTrade TV warranty repair, call us here at AAA Appliance Service Center at 888-966-8000 or click here.