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Viking Appliances and Warranty Repairs: The Information You Need to Get Started

Good news — AAA Appliance Service Center is an authorized service center for Viking appliances covered under warranty. Warranties are a valuable component of your appliance purchase. In the event that your appliance stops functioning the way it should, your warranty will cover the cost of the repairs. Warranties are specific in what they cover, so it is important to read your warranty to find out what is and is not included.
Once you have established that your issues are covered by the product’s warranty, it is essential to find a repair service that is covered by your warranty. Choosing an unauthorized company (or doing the repair yourself) could void the warranty and leave you on the hook for the costs of all repairs.
To get started with a claim under your warranty, you will need to locate the model number and serial number for your appliance. These items will be found in various locations, depending on the type of appliance. For most products, the model number will begin with the letter V. For Designer Series products, the model number will begin with the letter D. Below you will find a list of some of the most common Viking products. If you have a product that is not listed, visit Viking for more information.


  • For most ovens, the product label will be located within the interior of the oven. Open the door and look to the left, on the outside of the cooking cavity.
  • For double ovens, this label will be on the bottom oven.
  • For newer ovens, the label will be located inside the oven door, directly below the range controls.


  • For bottom mount refrigerators, open the refrigerator doors and remove both produce drawers. The label will be on the back wall of the refrigerator behind where the drawers were located.
  • For side-by-side refrigerators, the label will be located behind the crisper drawer or on the interior ceiling on the right side of the refrigerator.
  • For French door refrigerators and bottom mount refrigerators, the product label will be located on the interior of the right-hand door.

Burners and Ranges

  • For open burner ranges, remove the left rear gate and left rear burner. The product label will be located inside the hole.
  • For sealed burner ranges, open the oven door. The product label will be visible on the upper left side of the oven.

Ventilation Hoods

Remove the grease panel and look inside the hood.