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  • Before leaving home for an extended period of time, dump all the ice out of the bucket and turn off ice maker.  Turn off the water supply to the refrigerator, if possible.
  • To prevent odors, clean the interior of the fridge using a soft wet cloth.  Dry with paper towel.  Refer to USER MANUAL for instructions on removing shelves for easier cleaning.
  • If ice is not used for a period of time, remove the ice bucket and dump out the old ice to prevent the ice from clumping together.


  • After running the washer, use a soft cotton cloth to wipe water off the door seat to prevent odor.
  • When the washer is not in use, leave the door or lid open to allow airflow through the washer to prevent mold and odor.
  • If your washer has a self-clean cycle, run it a least once a month to clean out the tub.


  • After every use, clean the lint filter.
  • If you use dryer sheets, clean the sensor bars with alcohol to remove wax build up.
  • Once a year, clean the dryer vent system.  This will ensure that the dryer will dry clothes efficiently.


  • Use rinse aid to help with dryer the dishes.
    • Note: As a courtesy to customers, for cleaner dishes in hard water areas, Lemi-Shine dish detergent is recommended in addition to rinse aid.
  • Make sure to run the sink before starting dishwasher to ensure that hot water is entering the dishwasher.  Hot water is needed to clean dishes effectively.
  • Clean the interior of your dishwasher periodically to remove any dirt or food particles.  Wipe the inside of the dishwasher and the inner part of the door with a wet dishcloth.  Fill the detergent dispenser with dish detergent, and then run the dishwasher empty periodically using either the “Normal” or “Quick” cycle with the sanitize option.  This will keep your dishwasher clean.  In areas with hard water, use Lemi-Shine.


  • Regularly clean grease and dust from the bottom of your microwave using solution of warm water and detergent.
  • Clean the interior surfaces (oven cavity) of your microwave oven periodically to remove any splashes or stains.  To remove hardened food articles and smells, please two (2) cups of water into a four cup measuring glass.  Add lemon juice for better smell and extra freshness.  You can also use a 1/4 tsp of vanilla.  Run the microwave on high for five (5) minutes or until the water boils.  Let the water stand in the microwave for one or two minutes.