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What’s that funky smell and taste in your refrigerator water?

If the water that comes from your refrigerator has a funky smell or taste, don’t panic. Chances are it can easily be fixed.

Here are some quick items you can try before giving us call 888-966-8000 to repair the issue.

Test the water from the tap

Before you do anything with your refrigerator, taste and smell the water directly from the tap. The issue may be with your piping or the water supply from the city if the problem at all your faucets. If the water’s fine, then you know the problem is your fridge.

Replace the filter

Most refrigerator filters should be changed every six months. Going longer than this can lead to the water not being properly cleaned and cause the nasty taste and smell you’re experiencing.

Water Valve

This part of the dispenser can become dirty if impure water runs through it. When this happens, your best bet is to just replace the water valve, which is something the service techs at AAA Appliance Service Center can easily complete for you.

Clean Your Refrigerator

Rotting food will not only stink up your fridge but can also affect the water and ice it dispenses. These odors can sometimes be absorbed by the water and ice. Simply cleaning your fridge can eliminate this problem. You can also put baking soda in the fridge to help absorb these odors and avoid this problem in the future.

If none of these items solve your issue, the problem is likely much more complicating. If you live in the Chicago or Atlanta areas, contact AAA Appliance and Service Center at 888-966-8000 to have a certified technician come out and examine your fridge.

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