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Why is There Condensation Inside My Refrigerator?

When you open a refrigerator, there are a lot of things you want to see. You want to see that your kids didn’t eat that last slice of cake you hid. You want to see a six pack of cold brews. What you don’t want to see, however, is a bunch of condensation on everything.

Condensation forms when warm air hits a cold surface. It reaches a dew point and forms condensation, or water droplets. Knowing how condensation forms, you should know immediately that there is a problem if you are seeing it on every surface of your refrigerator. Of course, sometimes this problem can be explained by normal occurrences. For example, if you just put a bunch of hot food inside your refrigerator, you can expect to see some condensation when you open it up later. However, if there is no obvious cause to condensation, consider the following problems that need to be fixed.

Bad Door Gasket

The first thing you should always check is if your refrigerator door is actually closing all the way. If you can run your hand around the closed refrigerator and feel kinks in the gasket or even cool air, you need to replace the rubber seal right away. It is not only letting cold air out, but the warm air that causes condensation inside.

Bad Thermostat

If you have condensation, it could mean that your refrigerator is not getting cold enough. The defrost cycles may be cut off or not running which means that cold air blowing in hits the warmer air in the refrigerator and causes the condensation.

Dirty Condenser or Compressor Coils

Condensation can be a symptom of compressor coils that are caked with dirt or dust and having to work harder. Typically it is a sign that the compressor is about to go out altogether.

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