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Your appliance may need repaired, not replaced

With most household appliances costing thousands, replacing them is an expensive decision. If you’re having an issue with one of your appliances, it may be cheaper to repair it instead of replacing it.

Here are some general guidelines to know when determining if you should repair or replace your appliances.

Know their lifespan

If your appliance potentially has plenty of life left, then it’s smart to consider repairing it.

Here’s how long some common household appliances last:

Dishwasher: 9 years
Microwave: 9 years
Washer: 10 years
Air conditioner: 10-15 years
Dryer: 10-13 years
Water heater: 10 -20 years
Refrigerator: 13 years
Stove: 13 to 15 years
Furnace: 15-25 years

Pay attention to sounds

Most appliances hum while they work, but erratic noises can mean big trouble is around the corner if its not repaired right away to prevent severe damage. This is especially important if you notice noises coming from your refrigerator since you don’t want food to spoil.

Cost of the repair vs replacement

A general rule of thumb is if the repair cost will be more than 50% of the replacement price, then go with a replacement. But if it’s cheaper than that, we suggest having it repaired.

Appliance shuts off without warning

Some common appliances that turn off on their own when there’s a problem include the washer and furnace. When this happens, there is likely an internal problem that needs to be repaired by a professional.

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Is it better to repair or replace appliances?

Replace rather than repair if an appliance is more than halfway through its lifespan and the cost of one repair is more than half the price of buying new. To do the calculation, you'll need to know the typical lifespan and an estimated cost of repairs. In many cases, you may fix your appliance and continue to use it continuously.

How often should you replace your appliances?

Most appliances survive between 10 and 15 years ordinarily. They may even last up to 20 years in some circumstances, especially when they are well maintained. Everything is dependent on the item's quality and frequency of usage. Keep your appliances if they are in operating condition. There is no set length of time during which you must replace them.

Is it cheaper to repair or replace my appliances?

Generally speaking, it is almost always cheaper to repair rather than replace an appliance. However, if your appliance is constantly breaking down and it is still relatively new, you may need to go ahead and replace it.

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