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Ice Machine Repair

commercial ice machine repair


AAA Ice Machine Repair is your source for reliable ice machine repair in Chicago. We offer our clients a range of services including drop off appliance repair. We also service a range of ice machine types. Why do customers choose AAA Ice Machine Repair?

Signs Your Ice Machine Needs to be Repaired

Do you know the signs that your ice machine needs repair? Here’s what to watch for:

Leaks. Puddles of water beneath your appliance and leaks out the back are a clear indication that something’s going wrong with your ice machine. Exterior leaks can cause structural damage to your building. Leaks also mean that your ice machine isn’t performing the way it should. Don’t let these problems wait – call the experts.

Diminished production of ice. It’s easy to overlook this problem, but a diminished output of ice can happen over time. Sometimes this means your machine needs repair. Think about the way that your ice machine performed when you first bought it. Did it make enough ice? If that’s changed, then you may need appliance repair.

Ice cubes are not completely frozen. Your compressor is responsible for freezing your ice cubes as needed. If your compressor stops working, then you may need to have it replaced or repaired. Address this problem as quickly as possible, because it can only get worse. If you rely on your ice machine for your business, a broken compressor can leave you high and dry.

Loud noises. Loud noises are an indication that one or more of your ice maker’s parts are deteriorating. Typical ice maker noises include the sound of water running and the sound of ice falling into the chamber. If your ice maker is creating loud mechanical noises, this is a clear indication of a problem. Seek repair as soon as possible.

Bad flavor or odor in your ice. You may not notice this, but your customers will. Pay attention to flavor and odor in your ice, and if you notice a problem, get it repaired ASAP.

Types of Commercial Ice Machines We Service

At AAA Ice Machine Repair, we service a variety of ice making machines, to meet the needs of our many clients. Some examples of the types of machines that we service include:

AAA Appliance is Your Expert Ice Machine Repair Provider

We repair many brands of ice machines and offer an excellent warranty once the repair is done. Not sure if we’ll service your appliance? Call us to find out if we can help you with ice machine repair in Chicago, IL. We’re known for our excellent service and efficient repair; find out for yourself.

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