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How free estimates can end up costing you more
BEWARE THE BAIT-AND-SWITCH: HOW FREE ESTIMATES CAN END UP COSTING YOU MORE When it comes to repairing appliances, it's important to choose a reputable and…
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ASTI Conference 2023
Cost Of Doing Business, OKRs & More At ASTI 2023 Our team had a blast at the ASTI (Annual Service Training Institute) 2023 conference this…
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Fix Your Broken Ice Maker
Common reasons your ice maker isn’t working If the icemaker in your refrigerator isn’t spitting out ice, you likely have one of two problems: ice…
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How Do I Clean the Black Rings on My Glass Cooktop?
Have black marks on your glass electric cook top after a pan was put on high heat?  To remove the marks, rub the stain with…
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Is my appliance still under warranty?
Few events are more frustrating than having an appliance breakdown. Before you schedule an appointment with AAA Appliance and Service Center, it’s best to check…
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How to make your appliances last longer
Most of us rely on our appliances every day. While we know their importance, a majority of people overlook how often they’re used until they…
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How to replace the wheels on your dishwasher rack
The wheels on your dishwasher rack can become worn and uneven over time. It’s always a good idea to replace them when this happens. Otherwise,…
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Your appliance may need repaired, not replaced
With most household appliances costing thousands, replacing them is an expensive decision. If you’re having an issue with one of your appliances, it may be…
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What’s that funky smell and taste in your refrigerator water?
If the water that comes from your refrigerator has a funky smell or taste, don’t panic. Chances are it can easily be fixed. Here are…
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Know where to find the model and serial number
When you call AAA Appliance Service Center for help, one of the first items we ask for is the serial number of your appliance. Since…
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