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Ice Maker Not Working? Here’s Why

Common reasons your ice maker isn’t working

If the icemaker in your refrigerator isn’t spitting out ice, you likely have one of two problems: ice is clogging the machine or it isn’t producing ice.

The staff at AAA Appliance and Service Center has some tips you can try before you set up a service call.

Ice stuck in the machine

Ice Clumps

Ice sometimes melts slightly and then refreeze, forming clumps. Break the ice clumps up by hand when this happens. You can also remove the clumps completely and put them in the sink if they’re too big to break up.

This problem is common when icemakers become too full. The best solution is to use your icemaker more frequently.

Ice is stuck in the raker

The raker that helps dispense ice evenly in the storage bin can sometimes become jammed. All you need to do is clear the ice off the raker. If your icemaker is overflowing, be sure to remove some of the ice to help prevent this problem in the future.

Clogged dispenser

If ice isn’t coming out and the storage bin isn’t too full, see if the dispenser is clogged. If it is, simply unclog the chute so ice can move through it.

Icemaker isn’t producing ice

Water valve is failing

If the water line is corroded or blocked, water will not move through it. Replacing this valve can be complicating and we recommend you don’t try fixing it yourself. Instead, give us a call at 888-966-1950 to schedule a service call.

Clogged filter

Your ice maker has an extra filter that blocks particles that can make your ice taste funny. If you haven’t changed this filter in a while, there’s a chance it may have become clogged and needs replaced.

Have you inspected these items and are still having problems? Call AAA Appliance and Service Center at 888-966-1950 to schedule a maintenance call today.

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