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Fool-Proof Thanksgiving

Solutions for Thanksgiving Aftermath

Everyone puts in quite a bit of effort preparing for Thanksgiving, but facing the aftermath of a Thanksgiving feast can feel like stepping into a bear’s den—it brings its own set of challenges. Don’t worry!  With strategic planning and savvy time management, you can skillfully navigate the post-feast chaos and reclaim harmony in your culinary realm.  Here are two quick tips to have a bear-y successful post-Thanksgiving.

Problem: What to do with all the leftovers?


Tackling this surplus of food can be as daunting as preparing the Thanksgiving meal itself. Fear not! Here are some savvy strategies to handle the post-feast situation like a pro.

Firstly, prepare for the abundance of leftovers. Invite guests to take home leftovers in reusable containers. Stocking up on meal prep or to-go containers will be your saving grace. Consider versatile options like these rectangular containers and these round containers on Amazon to efficiently store and share the delicious remnants of your feast.

Get creative with meal planning. Instead of staring at heaps of turkey and sides, plan out your meals for the coming days. Transform the leftovers into exciting new dishes – from turkey sandwiches and casseroles to inventive salads and soups.

Moreover, share the love with those in need. Consider donating excess food to shelters or community organizations. It’s a heartwarming way to extend the spirit of gratitude beyond your immediate circle.

Problem: The kitchen is a disaster after dinner.


Preparation is key. Ensure your dishwasher, sink, and drying areas are clear and ready before the feast begins or guests arrive. Break the cleanup into manageable chunks. 

After dinner,  start soaking pans in the sink and swiftly transfer dishes into the dishwasher. This prevents the mess from solidifying and eases the cleaning process later.  Once the table is clear take a breather to engage in conversation, games, or prep for dessert. This break not only keeps the mood festive but also allows you to recharge before the cleanup.

For those motivated by rewards (such as individuals with ADHD or neurodivergent traits), use dessert as a motivational tool.  Only after completing the major scrubbing will you enjoy dessert. This incentivizes progress and ensures a more organized, step-by-step approach to cleaning.


Remember, breaking down the post-Thanksgiving tasks into bear-sized chunks can turn the overwhelming cleanup into a bear-y delight. Embracing these strategies will make the holiday aftermath more manageable and enjoyable.

Plan ahead and utilize clever storage options to turn leftovers into delicious meals, ensuring the Thanksgiving spirit lasts throughout the week. Whether creating inventive dishes or sharing with others, let gratitude be the centerpiece of this surplus.

Wishing you a fantastic Thanksgiving holiday, full of warmth, love, and the joy of sharing good food!

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