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How to make your appliances last longer

Most of us rely on our appliances every day. While we know their importance, a majority of people overlook how often they’re used until they breakdown.

Many appliances last between 10-15 years, but there are ways you can help them last even longer.


Clean the lent trap after each use to improve airflow and prevent overheating. You should also have a professional clear out the vent annually.

Using rubbing alcohol to clean the moisture sensor yearly can also improve your dryer’s lifespan and efficiency.


Similar to dryers, most washing machines are reliable for about a decade. To increase the chances of it lasting even longer, take the following steps:


Most will last between 10-13 years, but cleaning the condenser coils twice a year and keeping your fridge fully stocked will extend its lifetime.


Running your dishwasher regularly will prevent seals and hoses from dry-rotting. You should also avoid washing anything in your dishwasher besides dishes.

To get rid of clogs, run your dishwasher on empty and put sugar-free lemonade mix where you would normal put the soap.

Garbage Disposal

Get an extra five years out of your garbage disposal, by refraining from asking it to grind up the following items:

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